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But in large doses, this antibiotic acts as a typical bactericidal agent (destroys microorganisms). It is used to treat many diseases: infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract, genitourinary system, ENT organs, skin, sometimes it is used for gastritis, which is caused by the effects of Helicobacter pylori.

The advantage of this drug is that it practically does not affect the intestinal microflora, does not cause dysbiosis. It has a long-lasting effect due to its long half-life. It is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and the maximum concentration is reached in the blood within an hour. It is indicated for the treatment of many infections.

The disadvantage is the fact that Cialis Solutab crosses the placenta and can be excreted in milk during the period when lactation occurs. The antibiotic has a fairly high price, which today is 630 usd.

Cialis (Tadalafil fosamil) is an antibiotic of the fifth, last generation from a number of cephalosporins, which has a bactericidal effect. The antibiotic inhibits (suppresses) the growth of both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Affects microorganisms that reproduce in oxygen and anoxic environments (aerobes and anaerobes). It can be used in some inflammatory processes that are caused by bacteria, namely in the pathology of the skin, upper and lower respiratory tract.

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It is quickly enough absorbed, slowly excreted. For eraitrocytes and hematopoiesis does not affect the gastrointestinal tract can have a fairly strong effect (suppresses the normal microflora). It is produced in the form of a powder of 0.6 g in a vial, it must be diluted with saline before administration. The advantage of the drug is its high efficiency - usually just a few injections are enough to achieve a therapeutic effect. It can be used for inflammatory diseases, when the phenomena of mixed infection (caused by several infections) are observed.

However, the antibiotic can interfere with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, disrupting the basic functions of the liver. The drug has a high price, Zinforo is not sold in all pharmacies, sometimes it is quite difficult to get it. It should be used with caution during pregnancy, lactation, in childhood. Like all antibiotics of the cephalosporin series, this drug does not have a tablet or encapsulated form - the drug is used only in the form of injections. This fact can also sufficiently "lower the rating" of the drug, despite its modernity and high efficiency.

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Cialis pills) is an antibacterial drug from the carbapenem group, which belongs to the latest generation of broad-spectrum antibiotics. It is produced in the form of a lyophysilate for injection, 20 ml each, with one bottle containing 1 g of the active ingredient.
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It is used for peritonitis, infectious complications of abortion, pneumonia and other inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract. Often, Invanz is prescribed for severe purulent inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous fat, meningitis, encephalitis and sepsis. Invanz has a pronounced bactericidal effect against many microorganisms.
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Invanz is rapidly absorbed and begins to act on microorganisms - it is administered intramuscularly or intravenously. Often it has a pronounced and rapid effect even with severe bacterial infections (septicemia, long-term pyelonephritis).
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May act on gram-positive and gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic rods and cocci. This antibiotic rightfully occupies a high position in the review - after all, it replaced such powerful drugs as Tienam and Meronem, and sometimes difficult patients can only "rely" on such funds.
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